Our Story

Pet Town is a family run business that has been running since 1994.
Pet stores allow a one stop shop, where people can come and talk about what pet is best for them. For some, that may be fish, for others a rabbit or a bird, and for others, a dog or a cat. If it is a dog that will suit, the pet store allows a great variety of breeds to look at, before making the final decision.
In NSW, there are no corporate pet store chains that sell puppies and kittens. It is extremely difficult work and corporate chains that have tried it in the past have failed. Every breeder we use is inspected for traits far more onerous than the breeding code. I look for wagging tails, confidence and obviously good health.

Our Livestock Sourcing Policy

Where do our pets come from?
Rod and Narelle bought their first pet store back in 1994. Since then they have owned 15 different pet stores at different times.
Over this period they have built up an amazing network of breeders all over NSW. During this period, most breeders have been referred by other breeders. In several cases, we now deal with the children of the original breeder. Rod or Narelle pick up the puppies most weeks directly from the breeders, never allowing middle men to get in between them and the source.
Breeders have all been audited by a vet, many by the RSPCA and most importantly, checked over by Rod and Narelle.

​Without exception our breeders are wonderful happy people, who simply love dogs. They almost all exclusively sell every dog they breed to us. This is mainly due to the fact that they are not interested in dealing with individuals…their love is more for the dogs than the people. Many are quite remote and would have difficulty in selling privately.

In all cases, the dog breeding is a passion for these people. Breeding dogs is an incredibly time consuming, all-encompassing pursuit and we are indebted to these wonderful people for their hard work and dedication.
Over the years we have come across some breeders that are simply not up to scratch. We have reported bad breeders to the RSPCA long before the term “puppy farm” even existed. Rod has been canvassing politicians to make Breeder Registration compulsory for years. Every one of our breeders, bar none is in agreement that this would be the best way to clear out the cruel and horrid breeders.


How do you buy a pet?

Step 1
Consider what type of pet you would like. Things to consider are how much time you have, how much space you have or do you or your family have any allergies. Those renting need to check with their landlord what type of pets are allowed. Common pets are dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish , hermit crabs or birds. Step 1 and step 2 can often take months, so feel free to come into the stores regularly and ask questions, slowly building your knowledge to enable you to make the right choice.

Step 2
Once you have decided what pet is right for you, you need to decide the breed or species that best suits you. In dogs and cats there are vast differences in the requirements of the different breeds. Things to consider are how much time are you home, how much exercise does the dog require, grooming commitments and more. Our staff are extremely knowledgeable in the traits of different breeds.

Step 3
If you have decided that a cat or dog  is right for you, now the fun bit starts where we are able to go through the whole process of advising you on how to look after your puppy or kitten. This process can take 1 to 2 hours, depending on how much you already know. We discuss grooming, medications and flea control, bedding, toilet training, toys and treats, basic training, feeding……in fact anything you’re concerned about, we will educate you on.
There will be paper work to do, namely the transferring of the microchip details from us to you and filling out the health guarantee. The health guarantee covers any medical costs that may arise in the first 7 days of your pet being at home.  It can be a stressful time for a puppy and visits to our vets are encouraged if you are worried about anything.

Step 4
Within 3 days of your purchase, we ask that you take your puppy or kitten to a vet to have it re health checked, just to make sure you and your pets’ new journey starts off in the right direction. We offer 3 vets in Sydney where this visit is at no charge to you. Take the opportunity to talk with a vet about anything. For the life of your pet, always feel free to call us or drop in for any advice you may need.